Drawing upon 15 years of profound research, Articulations is an illuminating inquiry into the many different plants and compounds available in the modern day, conducive ‘mindsets’ and understandings regarding how psychedelics can be most constructively utilised.

Articulations presents an uncompromising and clear analysis of the psychedelic state, intricately exploring the origins of the visions, the nature of the beings, and how authentic healing can most effectively proceed through the conscious use of psychedelics.

Available as a 6 x 9 Glossy Paperback, 206 pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9925528-0-0. Dewey Number: 154.4

Table of Contents


Chapter One : The Revelation of DMT

First Steps                            
Smoking Crystal DMT                        
Rational Interpretations                         

Chapter Two : The Meaning of DMT in The Trees

There is a Neurotransmitter in Acacia Trees            
The Sentience of Plants                        
Australian Acacia Species Containing DMT                     
The Harvesting of Acacias                    
Drinking an Acacia Floribunda Brew               

Chapter Three : Espiritu Naturale

How the Plants can Work with Us                
Mescaline from the Cactus                    
Psilocybin Mushrooms                 
Psychoactive Plants around the World                 
Iboga and Ibogaine                        

Chapter Four : Ayahuasca

Introduction To Ayahuasca                    
The Religion of Ayahuasca                    
How I Facilitate Ayahuasca Groups                     
Dosages of Tryptamines and Beta-Carbolines      
Two Ayahuasca Experiences                    

Chapter Five : Considering Other Beings

“But are the Beings Real?”                       
Malevolent Beings and Schizophrenia                
A Simple Analysis of the Perspectives of Benny Shanon     

Chapter Six : Synthetic Chemicals

Phenethylamines and Tryptamines (or Research Chemicals)   

MDMA and Love

Chapter Seven : The Crisis and the Construct

The Shaman vs God                        
The Manual of Western Spirituality                
Pitfalls along the Way                        

Chapter Eight : Working with It

The Benefits of Pure Awareness                    
The Shadow                            
Processing and Integrating                    
Feeching, Sound Navigation, and Telepathy            
The Guide                            
Mebbing and Sex                            

Chapter Nine : This Time and These Experiences

Exploring New Age Transpersonalism                
The Follies and Pitfalls of Shamanism                
Thoughts on the Global Dance Party Scene            

Chapter Ten : The Challenges and Meanings of Drugs

The Recreational Use of Drugs                    
The Drugs don’t Work                        
Credible Futures                            

Appendix I : Changa: Smoking DMT infused into Ayahuasca and other Herbs                

Appendix II : The Origin and Utilisation of Changa               

Here is an excerpt from Chapter Seven of Articulations, "The Shaman vs God"

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